Kelly Hoeffner (L.Ac. M.S.TCM) Owner Of Resilient Acupuncture

After graduating in 2010 with her Master's in Science from Colorado School of Traditional Medicine, she immediately went into private practice. Over the next 8 years her practice grew in North Denver. She taught Anatomy and Physiology for 5 years and then continued educating through private seminars. Practicing Eastern Medicine, Education and the well-being of her patients drive the focus of Resilient Acupuncture & Fire Cupping.

Kelly now lives in Maple Falls, WA with her husband , step-son, 2 hyper dogs and a slightly crazy cat. She enjoys spending time with the family, traveling, exploring Bellingham and treating her patients.

Her modalities include:


Fire cupping




Tuina massage


Auricular therapy

Electrical Stimulation (E-stim)

Kinesio taping

Resilient Acupuncture

Kelly Hoeffner

Resilient Acupuncture & Fire Cupping serves the greater Bellingham, WA area with affordable and focused treatments. We treat pain, anxiety depression, athletic performance and recovery among many other ailments. The patient and their road to health is our only goal and people trusting us with their well-being is our only passion.

Derek Loerzel: Office Manager and Front Desk

Derek has been in health & wellness for most of his life, from dance to fitness to somatic movement. He has the ability and knowledge to guide you through your wellness journey with Resilient Acupuncture & Fire Cupping. Derek has an innate talent to foster healing and to bring people together, not only at our facility but in the community as a whole.

Derek Can assist you with:

Scheduling Appointments

Insurance questions and processing

Answering general treatment questions

Payments and gift cards

Derek Loerzel

Derek Loerzel

Office Manager and Front Desk

"I believe that educating your patients is just as important as treating their pain and stress. Knowing the Why of a treatment or cause of dis-ease helps put control back in to that persons life and sets the stage for their complete recovery. Being able to relieve someones physical or emotional pain is the most amazing experience and I am thankful for every person that lets me become a part of their journey towards health. I am excited to be a part of the Bellingham community and offer healing through acupuncture, counseling, fire cupping and nutrition."

Kelly Hoeffner


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